What Coverage Do I Need for My Special Event?

Are you involved in promoting a special event? Special Event Insurance must be part of your planning. Special Event Insurance can provide the necessary security to ensure that if something does go wrong, you and your guests are protected.

What is Special Event Insurance?

There are many different kinds of Special Event insurance. Depending on your event, there is insurance coverage that addresses the specific risks. Special Event Insurance is designed to protect the event sponsors or planners against liability claims associated with the event. Claims can come from participants, vendors, and other third parties. Here are a few of the different kinds of events that require insurance:

  1. Festivals– This kind of event would include a community gathering in celebration of a community leader, special day, or organization. These events often include food and activities consistent with a theme. Festivals are usually held in parks or other public places which creates liability for the event sponsors. Festival Liability Insurance is the perfect solution to help sponsors manage these risks.
  2. Music/Concert Events – Concerts are events where the sponsor is responsible for managing a large or small crowd around both professional and nonprofessional performers and musicians. Concert sponsors have a responsibility to manage crowds, provide security, and deal with the “talent”. Concert Event Insurance is the most effective method to protect against liability that can occur during concerts and other music related festivals.
  3. Holiday Festivals– Holiday Festivals are usually centered around a specific cultural or religious holiday. They can include crafts, food, performers, and even alcohol. Holiday Festivals, like other events, create liability for the event sponsors. Special Event Insurance provides the necessary coverage to protect the sponsors and other liable parties such as the building owner.
  4. Private Business Events– Companies large and small plan and organize client events, employee training, seminars, and parties. Much like weddings, these events create liability to the company organizing them. Special Event Liability Insurance can provide protection against claims that might arise from third parties.

All Concerts, Festivals, or Special Events have common risks that Special Event Insurance can cover. When planning your special event concert, or wedding, the following insurance should be included:

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