The Risks of Using Animals in Productions

Entertainment Insurance Update

Movie Insure insurance offers entertainment insurance for films that includes unique coverages specific to movie making and other productions, including; cast coverage, animals, props, sets and wardrobe coverage; extra expense coverage; third party property damage coverage; miscellaneous equipment coverage; faulty stock coverage; and negative coverage

Animals have been used in movie-making, advertising, documentaries and other print, films and production functions since the early days of the industry.

We can offer special entertainment insurance coverage for the animals used in your production. This coverage protects you against loss.  Plus, the policy will pay the agreed value of the animal actor if death was caused by one of the perils listed on the policy. Animal Extra Expense would provide a “cast-type coverage” for insured animals that would reimburse the out-of-pocket expense incurred as a result of the interruption, postponement or cancellation of the production resulting from injury, death or illness to the animal so insured.

We get the resumes on the animal actors and their wranglers.  We can then write Animal Mortality coverage (life insurance) on the animals for a predetermined value.

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