Our Top New Year’s Entertainment Insurance Issues


The following information may not make the lineup of any late night TV show, but it can help your entertainment company become more profitable. There are many reasons why you buy production or movie insurance. But the bottom line is that you buy commercial movie insurance to protect your assets and have claims paid fairly and promptly. You also want competitively priced insurance rates.

Production insurance will continue to be an important part of every production. We provide policies for all budgets sizes; from low budget film production shoots to large studio budgets.  One day shoot or annual blanket production coverages are also available.

Entertainment Equipment is expensive to replace and is easy to insure. We provide all risk, worldwide coverage for scheduled entertainment related equipment including Cameras, Production, Editing, Musical, Theatrical and Miscellaneous items.

Event Cancelation can shut down your production company. Event cancellation insurance protects revenue or expenses from an event against cancellation or postponement of the event for reasons beyond the control of the event organizer.

Reality TV and Film Productions. This is a very growing segment of our industry. Types of programming including game shows, variety shows, webisodes, and documentary filming. With the rapid growth of “reality programming”, it is important to have a broker who understands the needs of the entertainment industry.

We are proud to offer specialized coverage for production and event insurance of all types. MovieInsure.com offers a wide variety of A-rated, Admitted and Non-Admitted insurance companies for our clients to choose from. We only deal with companies that are on the Insurance Commissioner’s approved list.