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The Show Must Go On…MovieInsure Can Help

The epic movie Gone with the Wind cost $4 million to produce in 1939. In 2015 it would not even get you a leading man. The movie and entertainment business has changed over the years. And so have the risks that are involved in creating the next academy award winner.

We offer the complete entertainment insurance package- Here are a few

Cast Insurance– Cast insurance protects against extra expenses (such as salaries and equipment rentals) until production can resume.

Film– Film, videotape and other video or audio media can be easily damaged. Insurance can replace damaged lost or stolen film.

Props– Props, sets and costumes are an important part of any production. They need to be insured. Insurance helps protect against the costs required to repair or replace those sometimes unique items.

Event Cancellation– The coverage is designed to respond to almost many unexpected circumstance that cause the cancellation, abandonment, postponement of the event.

Professional Liability– Your company can be sued for improper use of an image, copy right infringement of a song or script and contract negotiations.