We Do Foreign Production Insurance

Traveling to a foreign country presents some logistical, social, and legal issues that should be thought through prior to travel. Traveling with a cast and crew to a foreign country to film a movie, compounds all those logistics. There are a number of things to consider; one of which is Foreign Production Insurance. Consider these risk factors:

  • Each country has its own laws, rules and guidelines- We always recommend that you investigate these and develop your plans accordingly.
  • Cultural concerns- Not all countries have the same cultural norms as the U.S. Educate the cast and crew on the major cultural differences. Knowing these can go a long way to preventing legal and liability issues. Something as simple as knowing the traffic laws can prevent and or reduce liability to the production company.
  • If you are filming in a foreign county we recommend you purchase a Foreign Production Insurance policy. The coverage typically provides:
  • Foreign Liability coverage
  • Foreign contingent Non-Owned & Hired Auto coverage – Non-Owned & Hired auto coverage (for rented vehicles) is provided on a contingent basis (providing coverage over local primary coverage)
  • Foreign Workers’ Compensation/Employers Liability insurance
  • Props, sets and wardrobe
  • Negative and faulty stock

MovieInsure.com provides the full spectrum of insurance coverages at competitive premiums for foreign productions of any budget, up to 12 months in duration. Single Production and multiple productions (annual policies) are available.