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if you need a quote, now is the time…

As the year comes to a close, we have to acknowledge that our underwriters are people too!  They take their holidays just like the rest of us.  That is why I am encouraging anyone seeking insurance quotes to plan ahead and reach out to us, sooner than later.  We like to consider ourselves part of the production team and want your projects to turn out stress free.  Let us know if we can be of service.

perfect timing

“sexy glass”

There are a lot of cute expressions and slang terms that are used by film makers.  My favorite is “sexy glass”… which refers to exotic – “high-end” lenses.  One of our clients really exemplifies the term – Ashley Avis of Alchemy Pictures.  She has been kind enough to permit us to share an example of what “sexy glass” can do.  One of her favorite pieces is called “Kowa Proaminar Anamorphics” and the following link showcases her fine work – – Lone Ones.

If you own, borrow, or rent any “sexy glass”, we would love to cover you.  Please keep in mind for all of your production needs.