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MovieInsure Offers Short Term Entertainment Insurance


Your firm may be embarking on a short term project that requires special or unique insurance coverage. MovieInsure can help you with this coverage. Many filming locations require that you present them with a certificate of insurance, naming them as an additional insured, before they allow you on the property. You may need to rent very specialized equipment that requires insurance. All these issues can be managed through the proper kinds of movie production insurance products.

Our short term coverage can include:

  • General Liability – General Liability protects against claims of bodily injury or property damage and personal injury arising out of filming activity.
  • Third Party Property Damage – Covers damage to property in your care. For example, a building in which you film a commercial.
  • Owned & Rented Equipment – An equipment floater may be needed to insure property that moves from location to location.
  • Workers’ Compensation – Covers injury to employees while on location or on the job at any site.
  • Set and Prop Coverage – Property coverage in case sets or props are damaged.
  • Non-Owned and Hired Auto – Insures you from liability arising out of using or renting a vehicle that you do not own.
  • Excess Liability Insurance – Provides additional Liability protection over the General Liability and Non-owned/Hired Automobile Liability. Insurance Services offers a wide variety of A-rated, admitted and non-admitted insurance companies for our clients to choose from. We only deal with companies that are on the Insurance Commissioner’s approved list.

Entertainment Industry Needs Business Interruption Insurance

Photographer Holding Shutter Release Cable

Coverage for every movie production company

Business Interruption Coverage is part of production insurance policies. This coverage is most commonly found in Commercial Property Insurance Policies and Business Owner’s Policies (a package policy for small businesses, often referred to as a “BOP”). If you own a production, film, TV, media, or Entertainment Company, California Entertainment Business Interruption insurance should be part of your program. Remember specializes in your industry. There are a number of important elements to Business Interruption Insurance:

  1. Coverage is triggered by a covered loss; for example fire, wind, etc.
  2. There is a waiting period that acts like a deductible.
  3. Coverage is limited to lost net income, temporary relocation, and ongoing expenses such as payroll that enables businesses to continue paying employees rather than laying them off.
  4. There is a time period for recovery, usually 12-18 months.

Extra Expense Insurance reimburses your company for expenses, over and above normal operating expenses, to avoid having to shut down during the restoration period. Usually, extra expenses will be paid if they help to decrease business interruption costs

Business Interruption Insurance can be as vital to the survival of your production firm, studio or company as Fire Insurance. Make sure your policy limits cover a sufficient amount of time to rebuild your business. It can take more time than anticipated after a major disaster to get your business functioning again.

Our mission is to serve filmmakers with the best policies their dollar can buy. Our diversified staff utilizes state-of-the-art technology to make your insurance experience with us as effortless as possible. Simply put, we are “Independent Brokers/Agents” representing you the “client”. We are licensed professionals and bring a personal touch to the delicate relationship between you, the “client” and the “insurance company.” We can act as “brokers” or as “agents” depending on the product sold and/or our relationship with the actual insurance carrier