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The Show Must Go On


California Entertainment Insurance

The epic movie Gone with the Wind cost $4 million to produce in 1939. In 2015, that amount would not even cover the cost of a leading man. The movie and entertainment business has changed over the years, and so have the risks that are involved in creating the next academy award winner. Insurance Services produces entertainment insurance that will match your risks. We work with many of the leading insurers in the entertainment industry.

The world is getting smaller, and movies, commercials, and documentaries are being produced all over the world. Digital technology is rapidly changing the landscape of cinematography, post production, and distribution. The entertainment business is much more complex and litigious, creating the need for the right kind of insurance.

We offer the complete entertainment insurance package.  Here are a few of the insurance products we provide:

Cast Insurance – In the event of a production delay, cast insurance protects against extra expenses (such as salaries and equipment rentals) until production can resume.

Film – Film, videotape, and other video or audio media can be easily damaged.  Insurance can replace damaged, lost or stolen film.

Props – Props, sets and costumes are an important part of any production, and they need to be insured.  Insurance helps protect against the costs required to repair or replace those unique items.

Event Cancellation – This coverage is designed to respond to almost any unexpected circumstance that causes the cancellation, abandonment or postponement of an event.

Professional Liability – Your Company can be sued for improper use of an image, copyright infringement of a song or script, or contract negotiations.

We are proud to offer specialized coverage for production and event insurance of all insurance Services offers a wide variety of A-rated, Admitted and Non-Admitted insurance companies for our clients to choose from. We only deal with companies that are on the Insurance Commissioner’s approved list.


These Issues Are Reshaping Your Business & Insurance Program


Last month a driverless car drove from San Francisco to New York. See Article. The future is now, and if you want your business to compete over the next few years you may want to pay attention to the following topics. There are a number of factors that will affect the business of insurance in the near future.

Entertainment Insurance

We can produce an entertainment insurance policy that fits your needs. Insurance Services produces entertainment insurance that will match your risks. We work with many of the leading insurers in the entertainment industry.


Our world has gone digital. Technology has changed the way you relate with your customers. Have you invested in the right technology, and do you have it insured?

Cyber Liability

With the growth of technology, we can now access and store data from our cars, homes and while on the go. This creates a real need to have effective data security, the most up to date protection, and policies and procedures for use and storage. Part of cyber management includes having a cyber-liability policy for your business.

The Next Generation of Leaders

Millennials will lead the next generation in the workforce. Is your business prepared?  Millennials like to live and work in the same community, use public transportation and work from home.

Employment Liability

If you have employees, you are exposed to potential employment liability claims. Employees know their rights, and it is time for all employers to become more informed about how to protect their companies. An EPLI policy covers claims made against directors, officers, employees, the company and its subsidiaries.

Our mission is to serve filmmakers with the best policies their dollar can buy. Our diversified staff utilizes state-of-the-art technology to make your insurance experience with us as effortless as possible. Simply put, we are “Independent Brokers/Agents” representing you the “client”. We are licensed professionals and bring a personal touch to the delicate relationship between you, the “client” and the “insurance company.” We can act as “brokers” or as “agents” depending on the product sold and/or our relationship with the actual insurance carrier.

You Just Started A New Production Company…Now What?


Entertainment Business Insurance

Startup businesses in the entertainment industry are exposed to a wide variety of issues including business insurance, risks, and concerns. There are many different decisions that, as a new business owner, you need to make, and selecting the right commercial insurance is one of them.

The first thing you need to do is hire the right agent to help you through the process of obtaining the right kind of commercial insurance. We recommend you choose an independent agent to help you. Independent agents have access to many different markets and can provide the right combination of commercial insurance products and services.

The purchase of entertainment insurance is an essential investment for business owners. Insurance policies protect the business from the financial consequences of accidents and mishaps that could erode profitability and threaten continuity of the operation.

Property- Damage or loss of buildings and equipment

Liability- Injury or claims from customers or other third parties

Errors and Omissions- Covers legal liability and defense for the production company against lawsuits alleging unauthorized use of title, format, ideas, characters, plots, plagiarism, unfair competition or piracy.

Props, Sets and Wardrobe-  Provides coverage on props, sets, scenery, costumes, wardrobe and similar theatrical property against risks of direct physical loss, damage or destruction occurring during the production.

Workers’ Compensation- Injury to employees as outlined by state statutes

Automobile- Direct damage to your vehicles and liability for the operation of your vehicles

Insurance for business operations is complex, and when considering the purchase of insurance it’s vital to take into account all of the risks that face a business. It is also important to remember that insurance needs change over time as a business grows or diversifies its operations.